Branded Rose Photography: Blog en-us (C) Branded Rose Photography (Branded Rose Photography) Tue, 02 Feb 2016 01:03:00 GMT Tue, 02 Feb 2016 01:03:00 GMT Branded Rose Photography: Blog 120 44 Rayce Weaver | Senior | 2016 | Monache High School Rayce is a high school + aggie friend of mine who is growing up way too fast! I remember taking him under my wing as one of my "freshmen 5" and it's been great to watch him grow! I was excited when him momma messaged me to schedule a session and immediately knew that this kid would have a whirlwind of ideas to throw my way. . . All that had to do with his Jeep! As of right now, Rayce plans on completing some schooling in our hometown and then has a goal of transferring to a college in the Aloha State! It was a day well spent in a few of my favorite tiny towns with Rayce, his sister Faith, pup Oakley and that crazy red Jeep! Best of luck, Rayce!

Thank you Mark, Julie, Faith & Rayce Weaver!

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28th Annual Sierra Winter Classic 2016 So here are a few things. . . . 


1. All of the pictures from Sierra Winter Classic 2016 are up on my website! I do apologize, the website crashed THE MORNING that I had planned to first start uploading. So if there are any complications with slowness or you are unable to view the photos, please contact me. Three phone calls later, I think it's all fixed out but, just in case!

2. I would LOVE to hear your feedback! If you know me or even know just tid-bits of my story, you'll know that my serious interest in photography started less than a year ago [bonanza '15] so there's plenty of room for improvements! I have a list of improvement goals that I've made for myself such as better organizing the photo file folders on my website, to modifying [more like beautifying] the website design, and most importantly, improving my skills in the ring, at the backdrop, and just about anywhere I find myself with my camera!

A few easy ways to share your thoughts, suggestions and advice:

Like and rate my company on Facebook! Simply type Ramblin' Rose Photography into the search box and you'll find it! When you rate my work, you can leave a quick message too!

Comment on Instagram! This can be on any random picture or through direct message! 

Email me! Between my photography business, college, livestock, and simply trying to keep up with friends and family, I am CONSTANTLY checking my email. 

Use the guestbook! I've never played much with guest books myself, but there's a little tab on my homepage that gives a quick access!

And lastly, you can comment to this blogpost :) 

3. A HUGE THANK YOU to the Sierra Winter Classic staff! I was honored [and a little stunned] to be asked to be the photographer of this show. Sierra Winter Classic has been one of my favorites whether I'm watching, working or showing. And I think there was a special feeling to the fact that it's my "home show" at my home fair where I spent my high school years competing and growing in the agricultural industry. This is just one of many ways I can give back to my fair! THANK YOU Sierra Winter Classic staff for the opportunity and experience of being the official photographer at the 28th Annual Sierra Winter Classic Junior Livestock Show!

And 4. I have not aged out :) I was so humbled by the comments and compliments I received all weekend long on my show career. But to answer the most asked question, no, I'm only 19 and have a little bit of time still left under my belt to be in the show ring with a calf and showstick in hand. I felt that this opportunity to photograph the show was something I strongly wanted to experience and though that meant leaving the heifers home, I wouldn't have changed the way the weekend played out. The questions reminded me of how incredible the ag/livestock/show industry is. Teams working together, smiles all around, and encouragement from start to finish. How awesome is that? How awesome are all of YOU! :) 

Thanks Y'all!!!!

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The Bowers Family | Glover Ranch | Fall | 2015 What better way to start Thanksgiving break then with family! I was so excited that my cousin, Hope was just as excited as I was to get her family's fall/holiday pictures done! Meanwhile, the weather had me on my toes. Rain. Stop. Rain. Stop. Ahhhhh! Luckily for me, we caught a good break in the stormy blessing and I love, love, love a cloudy setting! The Bowers' shoot was even more special as we got to use our family ranch where Hope grew up and our family still resides today. Thank you Hope, Robbie, Kiley, Macie and my wonderful Auntie Reynetta (who was feeling under the weather - no pun intended. . . maybe) for a great start to break! :)

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Western Bonanza | Junior Livestock Show | 2015 | Paso Robles | Ca So Western Bonanza is pretty much what started it all!

I had booked a hotel in Paso, months in advanced, with the intentions of participating in the show. The cattle crew I show with decided to give the heifers a rest this go around but I didn't want to just cancel the reservations and showcation. So I took the camera and made the trip to cooler weather for a showcation/Valentines weekend with some great friends. It turned out to be a good thing that I didn't show because by 1:00 on heifer show day, I was down. And I mean DOWN with a cold of some sort. I really wasn't sure how I was going to make the trek home. After getting home, editing a few photos, and sharing them on my personal Instagram page, I decided I had more fun in the photography scene than I had thought. So Ramblin Rose Photography slowly started to become somethin and a few months later, we are here!

These photos are by no means great seeing as I had the wrong lens all weekend long. But a few came out share worthy so, here ya go!

[Check out the remainder in the fairs and stockshow folder!]

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Ahna+Athena | Levi+Poppy | Tulare County Fair | 2015 I got to spend the morning with Melissa and her three of her four kiddos; Levi, Ahna, and Clara working on market boards for the 2015 Tulare County Fair!


I was really excited when Melissa asked if I would help with this indoor project. Making marketing boards was something I had always loved doing and I knew this would be a fun opportunity to get to know Melissa and her kids better! I have to say.... These kids are definitely mature for their age! Even little Clara [who is only 4] blew me away by how serious she spoke! Though our morning crafts project took a little longer than I had anticipated, both Ahna and Levi were hardworking and on top of their game all morning and we successfully made two very cute greek and poppy themed market boards! [even with a distracting and slightly messy Clara :P]

We then proceeded to do a mini shoot with their heifers, Athena & Poppy. Despite the heifers being tied up all morning and the weather being a little humid, the kids got their heifers set and I snagged some smiles :)


Thank you so much, Melissa, for allowing me to come over and have some fun! You can't go wrong with [crafts & cows]! You are far too generous! I would do this for all of their fairs! [and for Clara and Reid!] 


Best of luck, Ahna + Athena and Levi + Poppy!  See you again soon!

Ahna + Athena | TCF15 Levi + Poppy | TCF15

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Snell Family | J&J | Ellie | Job | Abram So this morning I FINALLY got to snap some shots of Eliana, Job and Abram Snell! We had a few tears here and there but I have to admit, the morning went better than I had anticipated! Each one of these kiddos has such different personalities! Check out these gorgeous little ones! 

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Kiley Faith Bowers | Turns 6! Miss Kiley turned 6?! Holy cow!!!

I remember when this sweet little cousin of mine was about to be born... I did NOT want to leave the hospital! I was so excited to meet this precious girl and I distinctly remember begging to see her mama as soon as I could! 

My cousin Hope [Ki's mama] is the queen of queens when it comes to mastering [and one-upping] Pinterest pins and I have made the decision to never attempt at DIYing my own party without the help of Hope! Every inch of a {Bowers} party is pretty much made by hand and is detailed to the t. 

If you're wondering why there aren't many pictures of the actual birthday girl, it's because she was everywhere and I was trying my best to take pictures of her very cute and very athletic group of gymnastics friends as well. 


Happy 6th Birthday to this sassy pants, pink & purple loving, absolutely adorable little cousin of mine! 

You are loved Kiley Faith!!

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Kings Fair | 2015 | Hanford, Ca Alright y'all, Kings Fair pictures are up!


Normally, Kings Fair isn't on my summer to-do list but after another great season of stockshowin, more friends were made and I couldn't miss the opportunity to watch them in the ring with this set of animals one last time. A long-time friend of mine is also an Ag teacher at one of the high schools in Hanford, and I had promised her I'd be there to watch as she has traveled to be my ringside support for the past few years. I will say that I had tons of fun despite the hot weather! I always enjoy checking out other fairs and how their fair board and JFB function [that's the ag comm/ag business in me speaking]. AND. I got to drag my dairy cattle loving sister to a lamb show. . . . that's a first ladies and gents! I hadn't seen her in quite some time and this was a good way to catch up and simply have some country fun. 

Photos have been uploaded under My Photos >> Kings Fair | 2015. Again, just like Porterville Fair photos, this set will be done via USB drive. I strongly encourage you to create an account so you can take your time and save your photos in a favorites file without losing your "keeps". Though on the site, the USB is marked at a set price, prices of photos will vary. [instructions can be found in my first blog post -- there are only three so it shouldn't be too hard to find.]

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! 


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The Ruffoni Twins | Angie & Marisa | OBK & MJC | 2015 Okay. So these girls have been ever so patient with me... and I am so thankful for it!

They were two of the first people that I focussed on when shooting at stockshows. With being new to the photography industry, I knew if my pictures of them didn't come out perfect, they'd be forgiving. 

These sisters are two of the hardest working showmen that I know! And they are truly something special. Not only do they get their own work done in the barn, they balance college, travel as Sure Champ feed reps., and help other showman from auction block to auction block! AND! They do it as a team. No ordinary team... #TeamTwin -- TWIN SISTERS. Now I know it's said that twins have a special bond, but I also know that maintaining a good attitude with a sister can sometimes be difficult. (I have one sister. I love her. But she drives me crazy!!) So I most definitely give them props for that.

I have been blessed to watch and show with these girls and I kid you not, they are warm and welcoming from the get-go. The girls show beef cattle, hogs and lambs and they have been helpful to me in my show career from finding an animal, to feed suggestions, to showmanship questions, to being major support during moments of wins and losses. I cannot explain how kind hearted and sweet these lovely ladies are! 

Pre-Show Prep. Marisa Ruffoni | MJC | 2015 Angie Ruffoni | Orange Blossom Klassic | 2015

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