28th Annual Sierra Winter Classic 2016

January 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So here are a few things. . . . 


1. All of the pictures from Sierra Winter Classic 2016 are up on my website! I do apologize, the website crashed THE MORNING that I had planned to first start uploading. So if there are any complications with slowness or you are unable to view the photos, please contact me. Three phone calls later, I think it's all fixed out but, just in case!

2. I would LOVE to hear your feedback! If you know me or even know just tid-bits of my story, you'll know that my serious interest in photography started less than a year ago [bonanza '15] so there's plenty of room for improvements! I have a list of improvement goals that I've made for myself such as better organizing the photo file folders on my website, to modifying [more like beautifying] the website design, and most importantly, improving my skills in the ring, at the backdrop, and just about anywhere I find myself with my camera!

A few easy ways to share your thoughts, suggestions and advice:

Like and rate my company on Facebook! Simply type Ramblin' Rose Photography into the search box and you'll find it! When you rate my work, you can leave a quick message too!

Comment on Instagram! This can be on any random picture or through direct message! 

Email me! Between my photography business, college, livestock, and simply trying to keep up with friends and family, I am CONSTANTLY checking my email. 

Use the guestbook! I've never played much with guest books myself, but there's a little tab on my homepage that gives a quick access!

And lastly, you can comment to this blogpost :) 

3. A HUGE THANK YOU to the Sierra Winter Classic staff! I was honored [and a little stunned] to be asked to be the photographer of this show. Sierra Winter Classic has been one of my favorites whether I'm watching, working or showing. And I think there was a special feeling to the fact that it's my "home show" at my home fair where I spent my high school years competing and growing in the agricultural industry. This is just one of many ways I can give back to my fair! THANK YOU Sierra Winter Classic staff for the opportunity and experience of being the official photographer at the 28th Annual Sierra Winter Classic Junior Livestock Show!

And 4. I have not aged out :) I was so humbled by the comments and compliments I received all weekend long on my show career. But to answer the most asked question, no, I'm only 19 and have a little bit of time still left under my belt to be in the show ring with a calf and showstick in hand. I felt that this opportunity to photograph the show was something I strongly wanted to experience and though that meant leaving the heifers home, I wouldn't have changed the way the weekend played out. The questions reminded me of how incredible the ag/livestock/show industry is. Teams working together, smiles all around, and encouragement from start to finish. How awesome is that? How awesome are all of YOU! :) 

Thanks Y'all!!!!


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