Ahna+Athena | Levi+Poppy | Tulare County Fair | 2015

August 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I got to spend the morning with Melissa and her three of her four kiddos; Levi, Ahna, and Clara working on market boards for the 2015 Tulare County Fair!


I was really excited when Melissa asked if I would help with this indoor project. Making marketing boards was something I had always loved doing and I knew this would be a fun opportunity to get to know Melissa and her kids better! I have to say.... These kids are definitely mature for their age! Even little Clara [who is only 4] blew me away by how serious she spoke! Though our morning crafts project took a little longer than I had anticipated, both Ahna and Levi were hardworking and on top of their game all morning and we successfully made two very cute greek and poppy themed market boards! [even with a distracting and slightly messy Clara :P]

We then proceeded to do a mini shoot with their heifers, Athena & Poppy. Despite the heifers being tied up all morning and the weather being a little humid, the kids got their heifers set and I snagged some smiles :)


Thank you so much, Melissa, for allowing me to come over and have some fun! You can't go wrong with [crafts & cows]! You are far too generous! I would do this for all of their fairs! [and for Clara and Reid!] 


Best of luck, Ahna + Athena and Levi + Poppy!  See you again soon!

Ahna + Athena | TCF15 Levi + Poppy | TCF15


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