The Ruffoni Twins | Angie & Marisa | OBK & MJC | 2015

June 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Okay. So these girls have been ever so patient with me... and I am so thankful for it!

They were two of the first people that I focussed on when shooting at stockshows. With being new to the photography industry, I knew if my pictures of them didn't come out perfect, they'd be forgiving. 

These sisters are two of the hardest working showmen that I know! And they are truly something special. Not only do they get their own work done in the barn, they balance college, travel as Sure Champ feed reps., and help other showman from auction block to auction block! AND! They do it as a team. No ordinary team... #TeamTwin -- TWIN SISTERS. Now I know it's said that twins have a special bond, but I also know that maintaining a good attitude with a sister can sometimes be difficult. (I have one sister. I love her. But she drives me crazy!!) So I most definitely give them props for that.

I have been blessed to watch and show with these girls and I kid you not, they are warm and welcoming from the get-go. The girls show beef cattle, hogs and lambs and they have been helpful to me in my show career from finding an animal, to feed suggestions, to showmanship questions, to being major support during moments of wins and losses. I cannot explain how kind hearted and sweet these lovely ladies are! 

Pre-Show Prep. Marisa Ruffoni | MJC | 2015 Angie Ruffoni | Orange Blossom Klassic | 2015


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