Kiley Faith Bowers | Turns 6!

June 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Miss Kiley turned 6?! Holy cow!!!

I remember when this sweet little cousin of mine was about to be born... I did NOT want to leave the hospital! I was so excited to meet this precious girl and I distinctly remember begging to see her mama as soon as I could! 

My cousin Hope [Ki's mama] is the queen of queens when it comes to mastering [and one-upping] Pinterest pins and I have made the decision to never attempt at DIYing my own party without the help of Hope! Every inch of a {Bowers} party is pretty much made by hand and is detailed to the t. 

If you're wondering why there aren't many pictures of the actual birthday girl, it's because she was everywhere and I was trying my best to take pictures of her very cute and very athletic group of gymnastics friends as well. 


Happy 6th Birthday to this sassy pants, pink & purple loving, absolutely adorable little cousin of mine! 

You are loved Kiley Faith!!


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